What is unique about Social media influencer?

Billions of people use social media on a daily basis. In the current market social media plays an important role. It helps us to stay connected with our audience. As a Social media influencer someone can earn some extra bucks, and earning extra is not a bad thing right? So what makes influencer marketing different from the other branches of marketing in the field?

Well, nowadays influencer marketing is far more effective than digital marketing or traditional way of advertising. Digital marketing on the other hand is becoming less effective to advertise a products due to some reasons like peer influence, ad blockers in the browsers and yeah the youths don’t like about the pop-up direct brand messages. Influencer marketing literally taking hold of the market gradually and this makes it clear how effective it can be when it comes to sell products or direct brand advertising.

Before we go any further we should talk about the definition of influencer marketing. Well, when a social media influencer or a renowned brand ambassador is hired by a brand or company to advertise their products or services to the followers in social media is called influencer marketing.

So what makes this influential marketing so effective? There are some statistics to go through

  1. 40% of people told that the bought items from Social media after watching the advertisement. The social media includes YouTube, Vine, Instagram, twitter etc.
  2. 70% of overall influencer in the market things that influencer marketing is the best way to sell products and services. It helps the brand to increase their sell and also engage with the audience through the social media influencer.
  3. According to a report influencer marketing brings 11x greater ROI than any other traditional method of advertising.
  4.   After a survey, 49% people who bought something said they depend on social media influencer before making a purchase or taking a decision to buy a product.

These are some of the primary key points about why influencer marketing is becoming so popular these days. Lots of brands are choosing social media influencers to sell their products. Influence marketing is also known as mouth marketing and yes there is no marketing strategy as good as influencer marketing

Author: Ankit Jain

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