Is Your SEO Strategy Crisis-Ready?

When you search for your company or brand, what is the ideal situation?
It definitely isn’t an angry and unhappy customer blog post referencing your company. It is especially not ideal if it is the first link to come up on the SERP.

SEO is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, but in both situations, preparation is the key to success. A good SEO plan that is ready for this situation and other crises will help your company prepare for a crisis. The last thing you want to happen is implementing your SEO strategies, run into a crisis, and have all of your SEO efforts go for naught.

How Do You Know If Your SEO Strategy is Crisis-Ready?

  • Strong social presence. If your SEO strategy has implemented this idea, keep moving forward. A positive image and positive keywords associated with your company is key but also consistently pushing out positive content. Consistency is important because it will help dampen the damage if your company runs into a crisis. Fresh and appropriate content will keep your site sticky and getting inbound links from high-profile websites are suggestions to keep in mind related to pushing consistent content.The last thing that should happen is lack of consistency and getting hit with a blast of negative conversations that cannot be subsided.
  • Preparation is pertinent to being crisis-ready. Identifying potential weaknesses and having a SEO strategy prior to the crisis is optimal because it will be harder to repair the situation. Preserving and maintaining your company’s reputation, having a “SEO shield” by knowing the potential risks will benefit your company in the long run.
  • Listen and engage. This is tying in with having a strong social presence. To fully utilize and make your presence known, be aware about what consumers are saying about your brand or company. Be on the lookout for negative keywords and think key negative terms you might want to buy against. Actively engaging on all social media, blogs, forums, and wherever you find yourself is important to establish and solidify your SEO ranking and company image.
  • Focus and commit. In a growing society where instant gratification is a priority, know that this is not where you should focus your attention. Instead, focus on more long-term reputation goals.
  • Don’t resolve to a quick fix like “BLACK HAT” tactics. Not only are they against Google policy, this will probably damage your company’s reputation rather than improve it. Many companies can fall victim to promises of high ranking and overnight success, but do not fall for it. It not only be hard to bounce back, but it will also be costly. Try to avoid “black hat” tactics at all costs.
  • Have an online vulnerability audit. This not a mandatory requirement, but finding a reputable SEO firm may be helpful when your company has no experience in SEO strategy and crisis management. They will help you find the holes and ways to prepare your company in a situation of crisis. A key note is to make sure they are legitimate. See the last bullet point for why that is pertinent.

Many people are turning to the internet when they need to do a “background” check for a company or brand. The last thing your company or brand wants to happen is give a bad first impression. What is more important is managing the positive image your brand and company have by doing SEO and avoiding crisis. Have a strong presence, engage, and be prepared.

Author: Ankit Jain

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