19 MW YLW thermal fluid heater in Vietnam

19 MW YLW thermal fluid heater in Vietnam

Project introduction

Gain Lucky (Vietnam)Co., Ltd. is located in Vietnam. Main business of this company is dyeing and finishing of garments,drying, table pressing and stereotyping etc. Gain Lucky (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. analyzed the YLW boiler manufacturers in the market. After querying the currentmarket, Gain Lucky found that the cost performance of ZOZEN boiler is the highest.Therefore, Gain Lucky purchased two sets of YLW-19000MA from ZOZEN boiler. ZOZEN boilerselected professional and qualified staff to ensure the quality of this project. During the construction process, ZOZEN boiler always accepted supervision andguidance from Gain Lucky.


Customer feedback

Due to the need of ourcompany's business development, after multiple comparisons, we finally decidedto purchase the YLW-19000MA of ZOZEN. The progress of commissioning is verysatisfactory. The after-sales staff of ZOZEN are very patient and helped us tosolve the problem of how to operate the boiler. Since we use Zozen boiler,our speed of production has accelerated obviously. The quality of the ZOZEN products is very nice, we trust it very much. We are very appreciative ZOZEN’s service, and we express thanks again for the staff who assisted us inthe installation and commissioning.

— Gain Lucky (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

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