8.2 MW YY(Q)W thermal fluid for chemical factory

8.2 MW YY(Q)W thermal fluid for chemical factory

Project introduction

Henan Gongyi Fuda Water Purification Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high -efficiency water purifier---polyaluminumchloride, with more than 10-years of production history, strong technical team,advanced production technology, complete testing equipment, perfect productiontechnical management system and quality assurance measures. This time, the company purchased oneYQW-8200Q from ZOZEN boiler. The boiler is used to provide the hot dryair to product polyaluminum chloride, aluminum polyaluminum choride, activatedcarbon, polyacrylamide, quartz sand filter and other products. According tomarket analysis, the use of YQW-8200Q in ZOZEN can meet the production conditions and reducethe cost of materials for the company.


Customer feedback

The installation Personal of ZOZEN boiler effectively laid out and debugged the YQW-8200Q boiler equipment in ashort period of time, which ensure the boiler operates reliably,environmentally and energy-saving. The boiler accelerates the production of ourcompany, and increases the output. Since we used the ZOZEN boiler, our products’quality is better and sells well. ZOZEN boiler is trusted company, who is the best partner in cooperation.

— Gongyi Fuda water purification Material Co., Ltd.

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