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Creating a blog is easy these days. Blogger and WordPress has given a nice platform to all the writers. These places are amazing to share your thoughts and ideas. But, when you share something you would like to attract more visitors. You will have huge readers when you increase the traffic of your blog. So, building traffic is not easy, especially when you have started a new blog. But, it all depends on how much time you give to your blog. So, let us focus how we can get huge traffic to our blog. There are simple and complex techniques to increase the traffic of a blog. Simple methods should be followed regularly while complex methods should be followed in a regular interval of period. So, let us checkout first them.

Simple techniques

Post regularly

Keeping a consistency in your blog post, will gradually increase you blog traffic day by day. The readers always look for blog who are updated regularly. Not, only readers search engines like google, yahoo, Bing etc. like blogs which are updated regularly. So, to remain connected with your readers, you have to regularly post in your blog. This is not at all difficult if you fix a time in a day or twice or thrice a week, to write a blog post. Once your readers come to know, about your posting time, they will surely visit your blog to read any new content.

Write long articles

If you have seen in google, mostly the articles on the first page are of around 1500 to 2000 words. If you want to come to the first page, you have to write article lengthy more or equal to them. You can write short articles less than 1000 words as well but, then you have to target your keyword perfectly. It is not easy to come to the first page, but when you get an article on the first page, automatically your blog traffic will increase.

Use Keywords perfectly

Once you start writing an article, always remember to keep your keyword in focus. Do proper research about your keyword before writing an article. Once, you start writing article, place your keyword in locations like title, meta description, H1, H2, H3 tags etc. for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These on-page SEO technique helps increasing your article rank in search engines. In WordPress, you have SEO plugins to help you place keywords in the article. So, do remember to use keywords correctly on your blog posts.

Complex techniques

Writing quality articles

I use to think writing articles are very simple. But, it is not easy when you started writing it. There is lot of patience required to write an article. Yes, copying articles from other blogs is easy to post in your blog. But, search engines penalize the website with copied content. So, always write original and quality content in your blog. This is very important to gain traffic to your blog. If your blog post is original, your reader will share your post with others and will also subscribe your blog. But, if you have a copied content, they will ignore and never visit your blog. So, always stick to the originality. Write one article in a week but should have quality. There should not be any discount in quality.

Get backlinks

This is also sometimes difficult for bloggers. There are two types of backlinks, no-follow and do-follow. No-follow backlinks are not that much important, but do-follow backlinks from other blogs increases your blog rank and performance. Backlinks you can get by commenting on other blogs, participating in forums, writing guest post , collaboration with other bloggers etc. Remember, other blogs only give their do-follow backlink when you build a trust factor with them. Once, the trust relationship is build, they will share do-follow links to your blog. Once, you have healthy backlinks to your blog, your blog ranking will increase. This will automatically bring your more traffic to your blog. Backlinks actually works as a reference.

Blog Promotion

Marketing is very important to build a brand. But, here we don’t have to do any advertisement which people mostly do. These days social networking sites are used widely for blog promotion. Yes, we also have to do the same. Create a profile in Facebook, LinkedIn, google plus etc. to share your blog content. Also, create a Facebook page of your blog, so that your readers like and read your updates on your page. Writing and posting an article will not be enough for getting traffic, you have to connect with people of same interest also. Join Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups of your blog interest and share content in those groups. Interact with people and ask them what they want to read. These tips will surely increase your blog traffic.

Final Word

Hope you would have liked these simple and complex tips for generating traffic to your blog. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

Author: Ankit Jain

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