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10 Ways to Use Link Building For Blog Promotion

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still one of the biggest marketing and promotional tools for the average blogger. The exercises within that style are fluid and adaptable, evolving from time to time with the changes of discovery that feed them. Being one step ahead means putting your effort into that optimization, finding new ways to take advantage of Google’s algorithms. Many of you know that if you have several back links to your website from other sites with a great page rank in Google, you can increase the SEO power of your site.
Link Building involves getting as many quality links to your webpage as possible, and is quickly becoming the most important tool to getting top, and lasting search engine hit results

But when we look to the future we often forget the past. Those tried and true methods of SEO are still as relevant as ever, and we shouldn’t forsake them along the way. There are some tricks that still work, and listed here are the top ten picks of link building tips to help you effectively promote your blog.

  • Remind your readers to link to or share your post. This is actually becoming an automatic for some blogs, as there are share buttons along the bottom of nearly every site on the web that has been regularly updated. If you have not yet installed this feature I would recommend it.
    you can bump your SEO and increase your social media brand by linking your websites to various social media accounts. It’s always a good idea to get your brand’s reach out there as far as possible. Linking from Youtube, Facebook, etc. may not traditionally be the kind of back linking that’s referred to out there, but it’s important to establish your network and create a link between your various identities on the net
  • Become a guest blogger. Do you have a connection to another popular blog? Maybe you know the webmaster, or you are a common reader and commenter. Whatever the case, being a guest blogger will bring some attention to you, and give you the chance to provide a link to your own site.
  • Utilize list posts. This article is an example of how you can apply SEO to list form posts. Countdowns are extremely popular, as they lay information out in an easily searchable, understandable format. They are also entertaining, giving further incentive for people to look for them specifically.
  • Focus on quality content. The biggest mistake made in SEO is to create content that is dedicated to drawing traffic. You should know the line between useful information and spam, and how not to cross it. Make sure all content is useable, interesting and well written. Keyword density, anchored links and other methods can then be added in a natural way without affecting the integrity of the post.
  • Hold contests. If you have a decent contest on, people will talk about it. Not only will it be linked to from blogs, but social networking websites as well. This is especially true if you incorporate and submission and voting system. How often have you had people begging friends to click a link and vote, and then pass the link on to their friends?
  • Comment, comment, comment. Whether it is on other blogs, news sites, social networking pages or answering sites, commenting is a great way to pass on a link to your site. Most will provide a space for you to do this, so as long as you offer an actually insightful comment it won’t be seen as spam.
  • Backlink using smaller sources. Everyone wants a link from Google, MSN, Yahoo,  and other sources, but it won’t happen. You have to be one of the biggest dogs on the block for that chance, and even then it is usually a random occurrence. Don’t waste your time, and stick with more reliable backlink opportunities.
  • Buy reviews on other blogs or sites. They will almost always offer an embedded link to your blog when they do a review.
  • Use signatures. If you are on a social networking site or forum, you should have an active link in your signature, and possibly a quick description of your blog. You can also use this for emails, which may be a fast way to keep the links going.
  • Use directories for blogs. I know, they are heavily saturated and useless when it comes to attracting actual direct link traffic. But directories are still a great way to be formally indexed, and may come in handy on a business or site to site level.

Back linking isn’t just about seeking out who’s out there with a great page rank – it can be applied in all sorts of different ways. Choose the one that’s best for your marketing plan.

Author: Ankit Jain

I explore the latest happenings in the tech world

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  1. Most of these ideas are good but to implement in today’s winner-takes-all world wide web is difficult. To add to the second point and your other point on quality content, whatever we do if we do naturally without expectation of reciprocation, there comes a point after crossing which we will start seeing results. That we will have some influential bloggers notice us and feature us in their new post or share one of our article with their network. And then only it can be scalable.

    If we keep checking results for every little effort made, we could be so disappointed that we will give up very soon before crossing the threshold point. Thank you for sharing these points. I concur strongly on the first two points because I never focused on those.

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